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Home or Business Services at your convenience that fits into your schedule and budget.

From home to business we can be the one stop shop for all of you outdoor needs, whether it be a complete redesign to regular maintenance we can handle it.


Commercial & Residential services.

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one time cutting.

Worry free Vacation yard maintenance.

Free estimates.


Lawn aeration prevents compaction and is a very important component of lawn care. Compacted soil kills the roots of lawn grasses and allows weeds to colonize.

Aeration will increase the amount of air, water and nutrients getting to the soil, which will strengthen grass roots and help create a healthier lawn. Aeration before an application of fertilizer will allow nutrients easier access to root systems.

One time application or part of packages.

Free estimates.


Power Raking is a great way to remove the dead debris and crust that builds up on a lawn over winter. It is also a gentle way to remove a small amount of thatch from the lawn without causing damage.

We recommend power raking in Winnipeg in the early spring before new growth has begun.

Power raking is a great way to thicken up bent grass lawns.

Power raking slices the surface stolon and stimulates new growth, thickening the lawn.

One time application or part of packages

Free estimates.


Spring Clean-ups: Commence in April and end in May. Consists of power raking, mowing & trimming and clean out flower beds.

Fall Clean-ups: Commence in October, remove leaves from yard and flower beds, then last final cut and trimming is completed.

One time application or part of packages

Free estimates.


Do you want the thickest lawn possible? Our high quality fertilization program produces a well-rooted thick, lush and healthy lawn. Our fertilizer services provide the best defense against potential pest and weed problems all year round.

One time application or part of packages

Free estimates.